Rylee Meek is the founder of The King's Council - A community designed to equip entrepreneurs with the tools, systems, and frameworks necessary to discover, develop & deploy their God given vision into the marketplace.

In the last decade, Rylee has helped entrepreneurs scale their businesses, creating transformational wealth through his company, Social Dynamic Selling. Through the Social Dynamic Selling System, Rylee has taken eight companies to 7 and 8 figures within the first year of each, generating 9 Figures over the past decade.

Utilizing his proven methods and strategies to build lasting relationships and lifetime customers, Rylee has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs gain clarity and create massive acceleration in their businesses and brands.

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Closing Sales: The Power Of Dinner Seminars And Direct Mail

by Rylee Meek


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The King’s Council is a community of high achievers, entrepreneurs, athletes and leaders who are focused on continually discovering and deploying their God-given talents in a quest to squeeze every bit of life out of their time here on earth.

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